How to provide quality Customer service training?

Why you Train your Customer Service Agents?

Customer service is the most important part of any organization and its chances of success heavily banks on this one factor. A great customer service is what makes a company unique and helps it to achieve newer heights and maintain a long-lasting relationship with their customers.

Training your agents of call center outsourcing companies give them the opportunity to understand the role they play in the company, and motivate them to improve their skills and learn new ones. Customer service training is important for agents employed with call center outsourcing companies as according to a survey business that provide good customer service earn 4% and 8% more revenue than their competitors.

How you provide training?

1. Hire an Instructor

An instructor can help agents of call center outsourcing companies to learn soft skills such as communication skills that are essential to provide excellent customer service. These training schedules are normally very interactive which allow for conversation, knowledge sharing among team members, and in employees’ engagement.

2. Conducting Webinars

A webinar is an online seminar or workshop hosted over the internet. The host who organizes the webinar, is the one who invites attendees to participate. To participate in a webinar, you need most basic things like a mobile, laptop, or desktop with internet connection. 

Webinars suit large call center outsourcing companies and is especially useful when training a large group of people who are in diverse locations since participants having good internet connectivity can easily watch such training program from literally anywhere.

You can also record Webinars and watch it later at your convenience. It is beneficial for call center companies in more ways than one and hence now webinars have become an integral feature of almost 60% of companies.

3. Training through E-learning

E- learning is a versatile online training programs that can be used for any group size. This is also very cost-effective and takes limited resources to set up as like webinars it doesn’t require venues or travelling. Call center outsourcing companies can easily organize such e-learning training sessions at their premises.

In such e-learning sessions, customer service skills are taught through simulation and interactions with customers. customer service outsourcing companies agents can easily learn how to provide an exceptional customer support. These training sessions also provide opportunity for call center companies to track and record the progress of employees.

4. Using EPSS

EPSS or Electronic performance support tools help agents in enhancing their technical skills that help them to provide an effective customer service. For example, Walk Me, a cloud-based platform is an excellent tool which integrates with online applications and websites.

This tool gives users step by step demonstration of whatever process they are trying to learn. To have EPSS is like having a digital support team which uses icons and balloons to lead you through the process. The tool makes service experience far more enjoyable by explaining technical processes to agents in the layman’s language.

However, while selecting the best customer service training methods for your call center, you need to consider factors such as cost, the customer service skills you would like your employees learn.

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